Alguns enduristas já devem ter recebido o email abaixo enviado pelo Tarek Taher a respeito de sugestões de mudanças na nova proposta da FEI para as regras gerais e de qualificação para 2020. Notem que a proposta do Tarek não é a da FEI a proposta dele é da TEIRA (Truth Endurance Internacional Riders Association)

São muitas mudanças e é importante nós enduristas nos atentarmos a todas as mudanças, pois a CBH tem até o dia 30 de Agosto para mandar as suas considerações.

Vocês podem encontrar no link a seguir as proposta da FEI para que possam entender melhor as sugestões do Takek

TEIRA Qualification Proposal in a nutshell:

1) New distances at CEI level.  
2) Two consecutive CEI completions are required at each distance level to access the next 

distance level. 
3) Stricter combination qualifications for all Championships 
4) Stricter qualifications for all Championships with emphasis on a clean 5 year anti-doping record.
5) Area Championships at 2* level for emerging endurance nations.

New distances at CEI level
To continue the logical and smooth progression up the distance levels, we propose changing the CEI distance to 1*  100 km,  2*  120km,  3*  140km,  4*  160km.

Two consecutive CEI completions are required at each distance level to access the next distance level. Intelligent riding is rewarded.
To encourage riders to compete more responsibly, two consecutive completions will be simple to achieve if the rider chooses to ride carefully.  
Horse and rider will not be able to progress to the next distance level until they have achieved two consecutive completions at their current level
This should result in a better level of horsemanship at the higher levels as those who do not ride carefully and intelligently will not be able to get to the top distance levels so easily
Ride strategy, horsemanship and horse welfare will naturally  becomemore important.

Stricter combination qualifications for all Championships
For a Senior World Championship the rider must have already completed 5 x 160km. Horses and riderswill have to complete a minimum of 2 completions as a combination1 x 120 km plus 1 x 160 km in single-day events and completed no more than 24 months prior to, (and no later than,) the deadline for Nominated Entries for the Championship or 60 days prior to the Championship, (which ever comes first).
This is to encourage a partnership between horse and rider, which should be the basis of endurance riding

Stricter qualifications for all Championships with emphasis on a clean 5 yearanti-dopingrecord.

Athletes can only be eligible for an FEI Championship if they have no anti-doping infractions for controlled or banned substances in the 5 years immediately preceding the Event.
This will either need to be written into the EADCMP rules to apply to FEI Endurance horses and riders, or be taken into consideration by National Federations when selecting.   It sends a clear message that doping will not be tolerated. 

FEI Area Championships at 2* level for emerging and developing nations
Lower distance FEI Area Championships will allow emerging endurance nations to compete against other horses and riders at a similar level, it gives them a prestigious event to aim for that is more achievable financially and geographically for the riders and is more achievable financially for the Organising committee.

Promotes careful and responsible riding with an increased focus on horse welfare.
Encourages riders to learn, assess and improve their ride strategy

Simple to understand for everyone.

Organising Committees and Officials will be able to oversee and implement this easily.

The FEI will be able to administer this in a simple cost-effective way.

Less onerous for the FEI IT department to implement.

Allows the smaller endurance nations to qualify within an acceptable time frame.

‏‫Tarek Taher